About Lectrikdog

LectrikCircle ‘Lectrikdog’ started out as the name of my self-published independent record label. The name comes from that pic to the right, which I first saw published inside of a LP booklet for John Aloysious Fahey’s “America” album(1971), sans the lettering I added over the frosty electric looking breath of the ‘dog.’  For all I know it’s not a dog, but a howling Wolf, or a Coyote. But I digress. Shortly after Fahey’s death in 2001, I joined the ranks of Fahey acolytes, or Fahey clones, as he so lovingly referred to his guitar playing followers and emulators.  I have since self-released a few Cd’s on CdBaby under my real name- Andrew Stranglen. But I’m not currently actively pursuing a musical career. I am content to make a record every few years and put it out there for the public, but not so keen on the idea of gigs or touring. I even managed to get a track on the John Fahey tribute album “The Revenge Of Blind Joe Death,” in which I combined motifs from two of his tunes into one song, I named it “Days Have Gone By In The Halls Of Valhalla.”

However, in 2001, before venturing into CdBaby, I compiled a Ten disc set, known to a select few as VrootZ, or ‘The Mighty Vrootz.’  Vrootz meaning Volk(folk)+Roots. This project of collecting and organizing Fahey related musical influences, with the help of some members of the highly secretive Intergalactic Fahey Committee, was instructive and influential on my own musical sensibilities.  Copies of the VrootZ mostly went to a small cadre of hard-core followers I gleaned from the original John Fahey web forum whose members were spread around the world. So occasionally you will see at this blog posts of music related to American Folk and Blues, Country Blues, and my own deviations and derivations of these kinds of influences. But I have very wide tastes, so things might appear to be all over the map to the casual visitor.
I have many other interests that will likely surface here as well. From Geology to Cosmology, Earth to the Stars. Science and Art are the things I love.

Find my cds/digital albums here: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/AndrewStranglen
and here:

Some free downloads are in my small collection at Soundcloud:


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