Liquid CO2 On The Ocean Bottom

This re-post is in the same vein as my re-blogging from yesterday “Abiotic Methane Discovered Under the Arctic Ocean.” And it may likely have direct significance to the much debated theory of the Abiotic generation of Oil’ or what the mainstream thought calls the “Fossil Fuels”: Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas[Methane]. As these are complex molecules containing primarily Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen.

  • Coal~ [no fixed chemical formula, but typically C is the most plentiful elemental constituent, followed by H, and O respectively, and in varying ratios, some Nitrogen, Sulphur, and other trace metallic elements],
  • Oil~ [also no fixed chemical formula, but has less Oxygen than Coal: Carbon 83 to 85%, Hydrogen 10 to 14%, Nitrogen 0.1 to 2%, Oxygen 0.05 to 1.5%, Sulfur 0.05 to 6.0%, Metals < 0.1%],
  • Natural Gas~ or methane is the purest of them with a simple no nonsense formula of CH4. (No Oxygen at all)

I mention all of these and will add H2O to the mix, as water is thought to be an important key in the Abiotic Oil theory. Add Subduction of seafloor sediments containing CO2 (both liquid and clathrates,) and Methane clathrates CH4, and H2O down into the mantle and a lot of time, pressure, and heat, and I can see where there may be something to the Abiotic theory of the origin of Oil. They’ve already determined that a fair amount of Methane is of abiotic origin. The only one that I cannot understand fully is Coal. But Coal *may be explainable* through Methane permeation through overlying peat beds(dead organic plant material) over long time frames, although I couldn’t begin to explain how that works.
It is a curious thing though, that Coal deposits are very often associated with underlying Gas and Oil formations. It makes me think that the three are related, and that Coal is the only one that could be called “fossil fuel,” or perhaps only partially so. For more details on this see:

My appreciation to E.M.(Chiefio)Smith for the article below.

Liquid CO2 exists IN the ocean and on the ocean bottom.

A very small excerpt: “… the thing that struck me most was just the existence of a vent dumping untold thousands of gallons of CO2 LIQUID into the ocean… ”

Source: Liquid CO2 On The Ocean Bottom


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